Member Subscription Fees for 2017

Adult (full) £300
Adult Senior (65 to 79) £245
Adult Senior (80 and over) £20
Student & first year adult £155
- -
Adult (beginner – 1st year) £130
Adult (beginner – 2nd year) £195
(To play in competitions – Adult beginners must pay the full subscription)

(Junior members – age under 18)

Junior in adult competition £145
Junior £60
Junior beginner £35
Junior at Primary School £40
Junior beginner at Primary School £25

Locker fee £20
Trolley hook rental. (Please pay with your subscription hooks will be allocated on completion of the building) £10
Country membership £50
Social member £10

Former members rejoining after having not been a member for two years or more (subscription 50% of applicable membership category) but will only be eligible to play in competitions on payment of full subscription.