New Trolley Room & 1st Tee Build Project 2017


Foundation walls.



Floor laid.

Walls up.

Path from the patio up to the 1st tee.

The 1st tee shaping.

Path construction.

Raising the level of the 1st tee.

Path walls and retaining wall for 1st tee.

Inside the building with the  walls nearly completed .



Entry Door.

Roof beams in place.

View from games room over the roof to the 1st tee and fairway.

1st Tee level

1st Tee from the fairway.

1st Tee waiting ready for turf.

Turf laid.

First cut on tee, Trolley shed scratch coated.


Interior of trolley shed looking out to the door.

The lights are on.

Fitting out nearly complete.


Area around the first tee.


Patio area.


Finished project.

Clubhouse at the 1st Tee



Tee construction team Adrian Stanger, Fergus McIvor, David Bruce and Head Green Keeper Chris Rae.