Golf Podcasts

If you are interested in listening to some interesting, and often funny, chat from golf enthusiasts and journalists, click on the images below to listen to some golfing podcasts.

The Chasing Scratch podcast follows Mike and Eli, two friends in their early 40’s with wives, kids, day jobs, and shaky 11 handicaps, as they try to reach the Holy Grail of golf: a scratch handicap. If you are looking for swing tips from PGA professionals, this is not the show for you. If you want to hear about two grown men abandoning diets, writing songs about their shanks, and quoting every movie made over the last 40 years, this is the place for you.

The two hosts Trent and Riggs are self proclaimed “golf guys” and we think they fit the bill pretty well. These two are seemingly indecipherable from un-tucked, Bud-Light-slinging, Wednesday night crew at your local course; but they can button-it-up well and provide really cool insights from their guests. Their shtick is really everything golf for the average Joe. From pondering if they’d pay $1000 dollars for a hole-in-one to interview (and making videos) with Brandel Chamblee, they cover a wide variety of topics. Definitely worth a listen especially for the younger generation.

We’d say this golf podcast is for the more traditional golf guy. The hosts have some fun with their interviewees but also get into some more serious golf questions especially with top golfers such as Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. Between the quality guests and blend of light and serious discussion, it’s a great podcast to listen to.

Golf Digest started the Local Knowledge podcast in 2020 in an effort to entertain the golf world during the COVID era. This podcast will get you hooked and engaged to hear some unique and fun stories about anything and everything in golf from PGA Tour controversies, local golf tournaments, and gambling on the course. The staff does a great job researching the stories and the host is very engaging with the audience.

Looking to get some insider knowledge about what is happening behind the scenes of a major championship, learn about golf course arcitecture or unique stories from some of the legendary people in golf who you probably have never heard of, listen to the Golfer’s Journal pod. These guys dig deep to find interesting stories about people and golf courses which you probably will not hear anywhere else.

Although there is a lot of overlap in guests from podcast to podcast, Shane might have come up with the most impressive line up of past and present PGA players. Interviews from legends such as Gary Player and young guns like Rickie Fowler create a great mix of perspective and tone from episode to episode. I think there is a podcast episode for someone of all ages and interests in golf. This podcast will give you an inside look at what is happening on the PGA Tour from inside and outside the ropes.

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